August 18, 2010

Bohyun Yoon

Structure of Shadow
2009 (silicon, wire, steel, light bulb, motion sensor, motor)

structure of shadow is an installation piece by korean artist bohyun yoon which features a built structure
that is adorned with a series of small body parts illuminated by a single light. the piece is a response to
yoon’s time in the korean army and its controlling mindset. the structure features a mix of male and
female toy-like rubber figures hung with strings marching in one direction, one after another. in the
centre of the structure is a bright light, which creates a series of shadows on the wall surrounding the
piece. the figures hang like puppets, signifying the invisible power or tricks of politics in our society.
when the viewer approaches the work, their weight makes the structure shake and all the figures dance.

Website van Bohyun Yoon

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