July 28, 2010

Chris Kabel

De Shadylace parasol is te zien in het auditorium van KAdE. Speciaal voor deze tentoonstelling bedacht Chris Kabel een klemsysteem voor de tafel met de laptop met het research van ShadowDance.

Shadylace is a waterproof lace parasol with a leaf motif, casting shadows of branches and leaves. Shady Lace recaptures the sensation of sitting beneath a filigree of foliage.

What Chris had to say about his design: "During my visits to factories," he says, "I noticed lace often has floral patterns that serve no immediate use. I wanted to design a floral pattern that serves some sort of purpose... so that the little specks of sunlight that are filtered through the open parts of the lace give the feeling that you're under a tree."

2004 Droog Design

Website van Chris Kabel

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