August 25, 2010

Aristoteles: On Marvellous Things Heard

"In Arabia they say there is a certain kind of hyaena, which, when it sees some wild beast, before itself being seen, or steps on the shadow of a man, produces speechlessness; and fixes them to the spot in such a way that they cannot move their body; and it is said that they do this in the case of dogs also."

On Marvellous Things Heard (De mirabilibus auscultationibus), 1909, 145, 845a, 24-8

On Marvellous Things Heard (or De mirabilibus auscultationibus) is a collection of thematically arranged anecdotes traditionally attributed to Aristotle. The material included in the collection mainly deals with the natural world (e.g., plants, animals, minerals, weather, geography). The work is an example of the paradoxography literary genre.

According to the the revised Oxford translation of The Complete Works of Aristotle, however, this treatise's "spuriousness has never been seriously contested."

Source: Wikipedia

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